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Weekly Brief

Thursday, September 29,2022

Feature of the Week

Advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI) will enable brands to forecast consumer demand with unprecedented precision and improve supply chain efficiency, thereby eradicating overproduction and waste.  Read more
Retail Analytics is progressively gaining traction in the retail industry. From gathering the most basic and mandatory customer information to deriving perceptions.  Read more
Nowadays, A direct relationship of the retailer with his customer is better than indirect retailing.  Read more

Industry Contributors

By George Pepes, Retail Vertical Solutions Lead, Zebra Technologies  
Today’s omnichannel shoppers have little tolerance for friction in their shopping experiences.In...  Read more
By Ethan Grob, Director of Last Mile Strategy & Product, Kroger  
Estimates show that online grocery adoption will reach 55 percent in the US by 2024, following the...  Read more

Featured Vendors

By Keith Fix, Founder and CEOMichael Adair, CEO  
Retail Aware offers customized solutions for retailers by harnessing the power of various analog sensing technologies. The company possesses a library of cost-effective microsensors—either wireless and battery-powered or wired—that can be...  Read more
By Will Glaser, Founder & CEO  
As the only enterprise-class provider of checkout-free technology in the market, Grabango operates in large retail environments that are up to 100,000 square feet and often with hundreds of simultaneous shoppers onsite. Service integrates...  Read more